You might be surprised by just how much CO2 is emitted — from mine to market — in the creation of even simple jewellery pieces like these!

What’s the carbon cost of your jewellery?

Spoiler alert: It might be a lot higher than you think!

What impact does the jewellery industry have?

Let’s talk about silver, gold and platinum, aluminium and steel

The CO2e savings can be huge

An everyday object as a standard

How do aluminium cans relate to jewellery?

Time for some real-world examples

What are the greenhouse gas savings when you choose recycled over mine-origin?

How many cans is that?

Is there any reason to choose mine-origin instead of recycled?

What about diamonds and gemstones?

“That’s all well and good, but don’t ‘green’ products cost more?”

What’s the take away?

Jewellery industry consumer advocate and Blogger + Co-founder of bespoke jewellery company, Ethical Jewellery Australia

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