“ It seems that the labs are looking for a way to present their product in such a way that it is not readily identified as a man-made product.”

John, I’m sure that’s true for some lab-grown diamond producers and sellers, in which case any intended deception should be punished accordingly.

It’s also true that many lab producers are overtly promoting their product as being man-made (e.g., Diamond Foundry) and having a much lower environmental impact as a direct result (which may or may not be true).

On the whole though I agree with your assessment, that the sky is not falling, nor will it.

What I do expect to see though is downward pressure on pricing for smaller, more ‘common’ mine-origin diamonds (around 1 carat and under) as lab-grown product gains more traction in that space.

This will make life more challenging for diamond miners as they need to sell all of their inventory to stay profitable — not just the big, higher quality stones.

Jewellery industry consumer advocate and Blogger + Co-founder of bespoke jewellery company, Ethical Jewellery Australia

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