I’m rapidly coming to the conclusion that the main reasons why most people avoid the issue of climate change is that they feel the problem is too big, that they feel anything they do is (as you say) futile and that the issue needs to be dealt with at a government policy level — which is outside their control.

Perhaps it’s necessary to change the conversation at a consumer level and not just talk about the esoteric concept of climate change and focus on things people can relate to and feel good about (that either directly or indirectly contribute to the problem or solution)?

For example, sponsoring renewable energy infrastructure development in developing countries so they don’t have to burn charcoal or cow dung anymore. Or how preserving jungle habitat helps ensure the survival or endangered species like orangutans and lemurs and indirectly slows climate change by slowing or reversing deforestation.

These small, tangible actions are things the average person can relate too and can feel good about when they contribute to them. Unfortunately no one pats you on the back for recycling an aluminium can even though there are significant benefits attached to those kinds of personal actions.

Jewellery industry consumer advocate and Blogger + Co-founder of bespoke jewellery company, Ethical Jewellery Australia

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