If you’re concerned about the climate crisis and what difference your purchasing decisions can make, there’s a really strong argument to prefer jewellery makers who only use recycled precious metals.

  • Recycled gold produces up to 99.8% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than mined gold[1];
  • Recycling platinum produces about one-twentieth the emissions that mining for platinum does. (That’s a 95% reduction.); and
  • Recycling silver produces around 14% of the emissions that silver mining does.
  • A ring made with newly mined gold with a carbon cost of up to 64kgs in greenhouse gas emissions might produce as little as…

Lab-created diamonds are diamonds

All of these rings have been made with recycled metals and feature traceable gems and diamonds — but is that enough to rate them as ethical jewellery?

Remade entirely using materials from the owner’s collection of old family jewellery, this beautiful embrace-style ring features a Queensland sapphire set in (recycled) white gold.

Lab-created or mine-origin … which diamonds are right for your business?

The lab-grown diamond industry are making eco-friendliness claims that are weak at best. It’s time they either pony up with the proof or start telling it like it is.

Maybe it’s time for diamonds to become more than just symbols of prosperity and love?

When every decision feels like a compromise, what’s the right thing to do?

Benn Harvey-Walker

Jewellery industry consumer advocate and Blogger + Co-founder of bespoke jewellery company, Ethical Jewellery Australia

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